Discover a world of tailored solutions designed to support digital transformations in your business. Our comprehensive services range from selling the idea, putting together necessary alliances and implementing new ways of working across supply networks. 

Rules of the datasharing game

Looking after the rules of the game of datasharing on behalf of all participants in the trust network. Governance on the data and datasharing between participants is a key element for the network to be succesful. 

Shaping alliances

Data sharing is all about trust and starts local for local with people from businesses and authorities that know each other. We bring together key persons and stakeholders to form alliances to kickstart their relevant process innovations and data cooperation and lead the way with lighthouse implementations.

Trade and supply chain innovation

Working the Dataspace way requires successful use cases that demonstrate communities with new possibilities that arise with federative data sharing. The trick is to tag along supply chain improvement projects and provide them new value adds with a twist. Nice things can happen if you can share data with someone you don´t know.