Schema owner support service

Dataspace participants come in different size and shapes: data providers, data consumers, data owners and intermediaries providing local identity, authentication or authorisation services. Every participant has a legal relationship with a schema owner in which roles, responsibilities and terms of use for data sharing are agreed upon.

Setting up robust governance frameworks

Setting up a robust governance framework with defined roles and responsibilities is essential to the success of any data eco system cooperation. It clearly articulates how decisions will be made, data access controlled, and disputes resolved.

Of course we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Legal, technical and operational blueprints for setting up a governance framework for dataspaces do exist already (reference frameworks and architectures). E-Gateway assists schema owners to tailor these blueprints to the specific need of the datasharing community involved.

One the legal framework and datasharing contracts are in place, smart contracts and digital certificates can be linked to those contracts in the digital World. 

E-Gateway key offerings include:

  • Schema Design, ensuring compatibility and consistency across diverse data sources, and Data Integration, aggregating and enriching datasets for seamless interoperability.
  • Data Governance is another crucial aspect, where policies are established for access, sharing, and security to maintain data quality, privacy, and compliance. Upholding data sovereignty principles is essential, especially for international data exchange.
  • Defining design principles for soft infrastructure and governance, along with promoting data standardization using open standards for accessible and reusable data. 
  • Framework maintenance, as the community develops new insights and possibilities that need to be layed down or altered in readable legal documentation from time to time.