Managing change

“You will only see it if you understand it”, is an important saying of Johan Cruijf, a famous Dutch soccer player. E-Gateway assists communities with both understanding and seeing the opportunities of data collaboration. Not only that, we also assist communities in turning them into reality.

Stakeholder engagement and change leadership to drive digital transformation

Stakeholder and change management are imperative for creating new cooperation models made possible by federated data spaces. Most value and use cases involve many to many stakeholder situations. This means all individual actor needs to understand two things very well at the start of the collaboration: (1) whats in it for me and (2) whats in it for us?

We believe that effective engagement, communication, leadership, and governance are essential for creating successful collaborative data ecosystems that benefit everyone involved.

Take for example the sharing of KYC vetting status of a bank customer between banks with the consent of the customer. Here the benefit of saving time and money to go through vetting just once is clear for all parties. Made possible by the same compliance criteria that banks have to meet. 

Therefore we engage prospect stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to create new possibilities and common value adds: data providers, schema owners, intermediairs or data consumers. We first try to understand the individual needs and concerns of companies and people behind these roles, after which we try to co create a new joint value case with them. E-Gateway then aligns the possibilities of a federated data space to this new value case and the collective needs of participants of the broader data ecosystem. Continuous feedback and change monitoring are crucial parts of our strategy.

Communication is key. We provide clear information about purpose, benefits, and governance of federated data spaces, emphasizing data sovereignty. This empowers each stakeholder to control their data and digital processes within the federated data space.

At E-Gateway, we don’t just offer services; we support change leaders in promoting the adoption of federated data spaces. We help build trust, motivate stakeholders, and drive the transformation process. Additionally, we provide training and resources to help stakeholders understand and navigate the evolving data ecosystem.